Networking Question

Dear Rene,

I am presently working on a concept in Networking
I have been assigned a final design approved by the tender process and hired to implement that design in packet tracer. I was informed that were there is ambiguity, i should employ my best judgement. The design includes several VLANs, a Routing Layer 3 switch and 2 routers to external networks. There is a Wireless VLAN that all wireless access points and the VPN server connect to.

This is just an implementation. Transferring logical concepts into practical application needs to be displayed, physical implementation of logical processes such as sub-netting are important. You have been given the Network range of to work with.

Rene, How do i go about this?
I have studying the NetworkLessons tutorials but its difficult to implement this on paper

Hello Kingsley.

This project sounds very exciting and is an excellent learning opportunity! However, this is a question that whole books have been written on! I will lay out some fundamental principles that will help you get started.

  1. First determine what logical segmentation you will use to separate your network into VLANs and subnets. In other words, are there specific departments that can be separated into subnets and VLANs? Or specific buildings? Or specific floors in buildings?
  2. Once that’s done, determine the size that you will used for each subnet. You have a subnet which gives you over 4000 IP addresses. Perform subnetting to create the subnets of appropriate sizes for the departments/segments in question. Take a look at this lesson and those in the same unit for further information about subnetting.
  1. Next look at the equipment that you are provided with. The Layer 3 switch can be the centre of your network, with the appropriate VLANs that you have determined in a previous step including a VLAN (or more) for the wireless network. Since you are also provided with two routers for external networks, I assume you can implement redundancy for your connection to the Internet.

I hope this is a helpful place to start for your endeavour. I wish you luck and if you have any more questions, that’s what we’re here for!

I hope this has been helpful!