NetworkLessons App in App store

Hello Network Lessons team,

Hope you all are well. Do you guys have any plans in future to expand all lessons from web portal to an Application which can be available in App store as it will be easier for members to access the topics from other devices like phone or tablet.


Hello Abhay

Thanks for the suggestion, every suggestion is truly helpful. I will convey it to Rene and have him respond to you.

Thanks again!


Hello @abhayshenoy1188 ,

At the moment, I don’t have any plans for an app. The website is responsive so it should work well on any mobile device.

Right now, the website is structured like a “regular” blog with categories and posts. I have considered using an LMS solution like LearnDash:

With an LMS, you have to “subscribe” to a course, you can check your progress, see what content you already read, etc. This has some advantages, but it can also be an annoyance for those just looking to read a quick article.

Is there anything not working well on your mobile devices? We are always open to feedback.