New and would love help

Who are you?
I’m Beth. I’m a photographer with a need for networking knowledge.
I’m determined to regain my security and not feel vulnerable, as I have since July 4, 2021. I have had a security compromise nightmare since! I’ve had a known intruder who can remain undetectable to the average tech support available to me. A SIM card was stolen from an old iPhone we used on wifi as a back up device and as a home phone. My child and myself previously had service on it so the attack got both my home WiFi and cell networks. Who’d have thought it even possible with a SIM card from an old iphone that wasn’t activated? It was stolen by someone I knew and he immediately got control of everything! I have been treated like I have a tin foil hat and gotten little to no certainty of resolution. I’ve switched providers and devices to realize it’s got to be a network intrusion of some kind. My network and devices seem to have been cloned and when I switch my ISP, a VM connects immediately to new network! Right after so do the other devices used previously on the old WiFi (they were either no longer owned or weren’t present to connect). If I unplug modem router or service interrupt, I don’t experience a service loss. Devices stay online and list as my SSID. I have stopped the call forwarding added lines and mobile account lock outs by leaving Tmobile. Still home WiFi issues, lose access to existing and new security cams etc. Any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.
Where are you?
Dallas /Fort Worth
What stage are you in? Are you a beginner in networking? A veteran studying for a CCIE exam?
I have a basic grasp on networking and took a COMSCI course in college. I understand a lot more and grasped concepts over past few years that I was lost on before. Still, I need to learn how to find info I’m looking for from data I get on scans; obviously more on ssh, maybe TLS, port forwarding, casting , interfaces, deciphering the details etc. I am fascinated by the concept and if I can get a certification too, it’d be icing on the cake. Although that’s not my motivation.

What’s your background? Why did you join Any cool stories to share?
I may have answered most of this above! Also, I have some IT experience, worked for Xbox tech support. I also occasionally do basic freelance stuff (like the HP printers that stop printing within their LAN at certain time intervals to encourage users to upgrade. Also just setup devices and troubleshoot etc) for individuals.

Hello Beth

I’m so sorry to hear about the security issues you’ve been experiencing. It indeed sounds like a complex and frightening situation. The truth is that knowledge is indeed power, and by gaining more knowledge about networking it may be helpful for you to more appropriately respond to the threats that you are facing.

It’s admirable that you are willing to learn to deal with the situation but keep in mind that it will take time to get to a point where you will be in a position to adequately deal with all of these issues. As a site dedicated to teaching networking, we can provide some suggestions as to how you can proceed, but please note that you may need to seek professional help for a thorough resolution.

In terms of learning more about networking, we offer a wide range of topics, from beginner to advanced, and the lessons are easy to understand. I’d recommend starting with the basics and gradually moving on to more advanced topics as you feel comfortable.

Remember, understanding and managing networks can be complex, but with patience and persistence, you can gain the knowledge you need to secure your network. Looking forward to “seeing” you on the forum!