New CCNA v3 Exams

Hey Rene!

I was just curious if you are planning to release an updated “How to Master CCNA R&S” book to go along with the new CCNA R&S v3 exams?

You are a Great Resource!

Cal Thompson

Hello Cal,

I’m thinking about it. Since I started Networklessons, I haven’t created any new books (only updated them). It depends how much I will have to change in the book.

I will add all CCNA R&S v3 material here for sure though.


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Is your CCNA R&S v3 material current?

Hi Rene,

I was planning to do the ccent exam in August, I was wondering if the study material on is up to date for the exam 101-105.
And if not when can we expect that the material will be avaible.



Hello Rene:

I hope you are doing well today. I am looking to renew my CCNA by the end of July. My CCNA expired in 2011. I noticed from the Cisco website that the topics I need to know for the exam have significantly changed. Will you update the information for the new Cisco CCNA 200-125 exam?

Thank you, Rene for all of your help in preparing us for the Cisco Exams.

Have a great day,


Hi @brandon,

I realize this is a late reply but just wanted to let you know that the CCNA material that I have online is up-to-date for ICND1 (100-105), ICND2 (200-105) and CCNA X combined (200-125) exam(s).


Can I use your book and website to passed the ccna? Or do I need extra materials?


Hi David,

I haven’t updated the “How to Master CCNA R&S” book for the latest exam anymore. The material here on networklessons is up-to-date.



I purchased your book How to Master the CCNP
I purchased the year for this website.
I purchase all the switches you recommended and I purchase 5 2811 routers

Do I need to purchase any thing else to pass the CCNP exam?? any other books? equipment?


Hi David,

If you have those switches, routers, my book and this website then you have everything you need.

The best advice I have left now is that when you read about something, try to configure my examples on your own lab. Verify the things you read about…try different show/debug commands.

If you are unsure how something works, lab it up and try it. This will make things so much easier to understand and also much easier to remember if you have seen it yourself.

And of course if you still have questions, we are here to help! :smile:

Thank you. I understand your book much better the others I seen. Thank you again.

I am just getting back to the CCNA exam. The book I purchased from you was based on the last version. Can I use just this website to pass? I just renewed my year subscription to this website.

Thanks again for your help

Hello David

Yep, with Rene’s book, this forum, and some determination in studying, you will have all you need to pass the CCNA exam. Keep in mind that Rene continually updates the content on the site to match the current exam requirements. And of course, if you have any questions, we’re always here to help!