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I was told about this community/site by my boss at my new job. He also sent me home with 2 3560c cisco switches and told me to practice some different configs and such on them. As a beginner, i was hoping someone could give me suggestions on what to try and where to go to get ideas and help so i can take these switches back and impress my boss.


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Your boss sent you to the right place! I would say spanning tree but you really need to have 3 switches to really test those concepts out. Use them to learn everything you can about vlans from what I’m seeing these switches are layer 3 switches and can support ospf. So drill inter vlan routing and ospf hard. Heck if your not already a ccna do as many ccent and ccna lessons that can be covered by these switches. Any questions ask us on the forum!

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1 question i have right off the bat, and i could probable figure this out, but how do i update the IOS on these switches? they are currently running 12… on my pc i have 15, just not sure how to complete the update. thanks!

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Hey Austin,
Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner I am out of town and haven’t been on as much as I normally have. From what I am reading you already have the ios 15 image correct?

If that is the case then the guide I am linking below should help. A word to the wise make sure your switch has enough flash and RAM to run the image. Look for the upgrading the switch section.

I hope this helps!

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Hello Austin and welcome!

Take a look at the following lessons as these lessons which cover everything you can do with the specific switches. For layer 2 functionality, take a look at:

For spanning tree if you have three switches available:

And if your switches are layer 3, here is some OSPF:

You can start specifically with VLANs and intervlan routing and take a look at Units 1 to 3 on the Switching course above.

Just going over the lessons and duplicating the configs as you go along on your own devices goes a long way in understanding and getting more proficient in these topics…

I hope this has been helpful!


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Cant wait to look through this! I am currently working quite a bit so forgive me for not getting back sooner. I do plan to take/use all of the help given to me

Thanks again!