NEW - Just Failed CCNP Route Again

Hello fellow networkers,
I just failed the CCNP Route Exam again… This time worse than I did before…

First Fail: 760
Today’s Fail: 749

I thought I was doing well but bam I got that dreaded “FAILED” after the exam. I needed some additional study materials and thought I would give this site a try as it was recommended on Reddit.

CCNP - 2
Jaime - 0

Thank you,

Hello Jaime

Although a failed attempt can be discouraging, don’t give up. The fact that you’ve come here to continue your preparation shows that you are determined, and that’s excellent. I wish you success, and we look forward to answering any questions that will help you on your journey to certification!


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Do you have some indication about the subjects which you had hard time answering or wasn’t sure about the answers?

If you could name all of them it will be great and also good way for you to memorize those subjects which seems like you need to practice more.

the most hard subject sfor me in the CCNP ROUTRE are some stuff about the tracking object, some SNMP,NTP and authentication confioguration and logging which are more management materials and don’t realy matter for me to focus on when I’m trying to understand all the necessary information for good network engineering.