New Member | CCIE Labs Required Cisco Images list?

I am CCNP certified and looking forward to CCIE. I am here to go through the CCIE course. It’s been 2.5 years since I haven’t used any simulator. I want to what images do we require for CCIE lab practice if someone can provide a list so I can get it from cisco asap? I already do have a service agreement with them via my employer.



Hello Hassan and welcome to NetworkLessons!

We’re glad to have you here an we hope the lessons and the forum will be useful to you to achieve your certification goals.

You can take a look at some of these lessons to find out what kind of labs you should set up. As far as specific IOS images go, there is no central list available. Typically, if you’re using CML, the As you go through the lessons, you will see what features are needed, and if the version you have downloaded doesn’t support them, you can always use the Cisco feature navigator to find out which is needed.

For the most part, the standard CML IOS versions IOS-XRv for routers, and IOSvL2 for switches should cover most of the features for CCIE.

Take a look at the following links that tell you more about these images:

I hope this has been helpful!