New member from India!

Sameer from India ,

Hi Rene
Sorry for delayed introduction , writing after completing ~1 month . I always liked your writing style also i am following your teaching from last 6 yrs , a member of Gns3Vault helped me a lot for basic understanding and easy to remember scenarios , i am having all of your books too . So i am here to update my knowledge and mostly i am looking learn in-depth packet label study . If you create some contents in python specific to networking will be very thankful .

Hello Sameer,

Welcome :slight_smile: If you liked my books and GNS3Vault then there is plenty to like here. I use the exact same writing style as in my books here.

Python is definitely on the list soon. There’s a small list of R&S topics and once that’s done, I’m going to do python first, then work on DC/Nexus.

If there is anything you need, let us know alright? Good luck studying!


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Sure Rene , Thank you.