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Hello everyone! My name is Nathan Wallace (Nate). I have just recently gotten my first job in IT as a network administrator for a hospital system here in Savannah, GA. It is a great position for me to begin with, because I am getting exposure to many different aspects of the network. I obtained my CCNA last June, after I successfully completed an accelerated program for Full Stack Network Engineering ( if anyone is interested, I recommend it to level up your career if you’re new to IT or are stuck where you are). I am currently studying for my CCNP, and hope to achieve that later this year. Maybe the CCIE someday… Anyways, great to be here. Well done Rene with this website it is very helpful (I finally think I understand multicast for starters).

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Welcome, Nate!

A hospital should be a great place to learn more about networking. It’s large, plenty of different (network) devices and applications, security is important, etc. You can probably learn a lot there.

I wish you good luck studying for CCNP. If you enjoyed CCNA, you’ll enjoy this as well :slight_smile:


Hello Nathan! Congratulations on your position!

You made the right choice for CCNP as I have Khawar Butt’s lectures and had for a period of time CBT Nuggets and, although Khawar is to certain extent good, I find Rene’s lectures a lot better to be grasped and understood. I just hope Rene goes further into SDA :smiley:

My name is Eugen Berzani and I work at Cisco in Belgium. I am thinking to relocate in USA but due to restrictions in movement, I lost 3 positions, which were basically my job here but in USA :smiley: . I was wandering if there was any place in the hospital where you work, without impacting you of course? And are you aware if it provides a Sponsorship? I am also into Networking, basically SDA.

Thank you Rene. I look forward to joining the CCNP ranks later this year, and continuing to learn from you here. Your lessons are concise and straightforward (unlike Cisco’s website). It’s just nice to not have to go way into the weeds to learn a concept.