New Member: Steve from Indiana USA

Hello! I am Steve.
I am in Indiana in the USA.
I’m currently seeking my CCIE.
I have been in IT for 15 years. I’ve been an IT Consultant where I did everything from Support Desk to Desktop Support to Server Support, developed websites, developed in Python, managed SQL servers and load balancers and of course Network Infrastructure. Been in Networking for 7+ years and going strong. Certified in both Cisco and Juniper.
My place of work just recently got NetBrain Network Automation application. It is pretty amazing and fun to play with.
I joined because I’ve used Rene’s site before and it is filled with lots of info thats straight to the point!

Hello Steve, welcome aboard!

I just took a look at NetBrain, haven’t seen that before but it looks pretty cool :smiley: How’s the CCIE studying going? Are you working on the written exam now?


Thanks Rene!

NetBrain does some pretty amazing stuff, the biggest for us is it keeps historical data on the network and compares it to benchmarks or live data. So I can see how packets traverse the network from source to destination now and compare to how it traveled a month ago and find out why the routing changed. Thats just one of the many things.

Yes. Written right now. Its going as well as I can for being a father of 3 kids and having a family. LOL. I try to fit in as much studying as possible every day even if its only for an hour. :slight_smile:


Hi Steve,

As long as you have a steady pace, you will get there. The written exam is like CCNA/CCNP, you can break it down into chunks and do something every day. The same thing applies when you just start studying for the lab…In the beginning, you can work on a single topic and work your way through the entire blueprint.

Once you get to full config/troubleshooting labs, that’s where you need big chunks of time blocks so you can do an entire lab in one sitting.

Good luck for now! :slight_smile:

Thats very helpful to know! Great info! Thanks!