Nexus 9000v licenses

I’m in the process of setting up nexus 9000v in ESXI.

I noticed I can’t get any layer 3 connectivity to the uplink VNIC to my physical L3 switches, which has routed ports.

I have run some layer two troubleshooting steps , mainly LLDP seems to be working fine. Layer 2 trace route is absolutely working fine.

No issue with layer 2.

Have not done any wireshark capture.

Does the basic license only allow layer 2 Connectivity ?

Many thanks.

Hello Taha

The Nexus 9000v is subject to several limitations depending upon how it is installed and configured. Some of these limitations may be causing the lack of L3 connectivity you see in your topology. Take a look at the following documentation for these limitations and check out your topology against them.

As you further your troubleshooting procedures, you will hopefully identify the cause of the lack of L3 connectivity. If you have any more specific questions after going over this, please feel free to continue the conversation in this thread!

I hope this has been helpful!