Nexus 9k Spine and leaf

Hi renee,

I dont see anything on Nexus 9k spine and leaf, VXLAN, BGP-EVPN type content. Is it there somewhere that i am missing?

Same i have to know rene

Hello Bilal and Kawshik

There is no lesson yet available on Networklessons concerning Nexus devices or about datacentre architecture such as spine and leaf. However, from what I hear from @ReneMolenaar , these are on their way soon!

I hope this has been helpful!


I think since Renee talks more about Protocols then devices and architectures.

The protocols we are looking for is VXLAN (flood and learn ) and VXLAN BGP-EVPN.


Hello Kawshik

Once again, @ReneMolenaar will be getting to that content soon. But thank you so much for mentioning it, it gives us incentive to move forward with adding more valuable and valid content.