NSF , NSR , Graceful Restart for CCIE

Hello everyone,

I learned about NSF in some 2014 CCNP SWITCH Book.

So far I saw that the CCIE Written Exam topics only require Graceful restart and when I searched about the difference between both NSF and GR, I found another topic which is NSR

NSF- Non-Stop Forwarding
NSR- Non-Stop Routing
GR- Graceful restart

I read the OSPF Graceful Restart lesson and it mentioned the NSF feature and I couldn’t understand how it differ from each other?

In the CCNP SWITCH the NSF feature doesn’t explained very deeply about how it works and which messages are generated to build the RIB faster after SSO Switchover, so I was wondering if anyone knows how it works and how it differ from graceful restart and also, some explenation about NSR and is that neccessary for the CCIE Writen Exam as it seems like an important topic!

Thanks you very much!

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