Order of operation to filtrate BGP inbound/outbound trafic

Hello, I want to understand what is the order of analysis of a router when applying to a BGP peer (inbound or outbound ), a route-map, a filter-list and a prefix-list.

Hello Willy,

According to this document:

BGP uses the following order:

Inbound Outbound
Route map Distribute list
Filter list, AS-path ACL, or IP policy IP prefix list
IP prefix list Filter list, AS-path ACL, or IP policy
Distribute list Route map

Depending on the platform and/or IOS version, this can sometimes be different though. Also, in production networks, there’s not really a need to mix these as it’s usually easier to use the route-map for everything.


Can I check. This order of operation is only applicable to filtering of IPv6 prefixes. How about for IPv4? Thanks.

Hello Leon

This order of operations is not protocol-specific. In the documentation presented above, it refers to IPv4, however, the same order applies for IPv6 as well.

I hope this has been helpful!