Ospf area

Hi, is there any possible to ping hosts one ospf area to another ospf area

Could you please rephrase your question? I don’t understand what you are asking.

this is sample ospf lab i create with 2 areas, and it showing some error messages, and is it possible to ping one host in area 1 and one host in area 2 ?

A multi-area OSPF network should absolutely be able to send traffic between nodes in different areas. I don’t know how precise you are being with your language when you say “area 1” and “area 2.” You probably already know this (so apologies if you do), but OSPF MUST have an area 0. This is called the backbone area. If you have multiple areas defined without an actual area 0, the network will not function properly.

It would be helpful if you could attach a diagram of the network and the OSPF related configuration for further evaluation.