OSPF Broadcast Network Type over Frame-Relay

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Thanks René! This explanation was so clear!

Hi René…excellent job, thanks for your help!!!

Hey Rene. My understanding is that broadcast is the default network type for ethernet interfaces and nonbroadcast is the default for serial interfaces. In the lesson you stated that the ip ospf broadcast command is not necessary in this example, but wouldn’t it be required since you’re configuring it on a serial interface?

Hi Thomas,

I just fixed it, you are correct. Broadcast is the default for Ethernet and non-broadcast for serial interfaces. The only exception is when you create a point-to-point sub-interface for frame-relay, the default will be point-to-point.


Nice lesson.

Rene… If we do not mention the OSPF network type then by default what network type OSPF gonna pick? By default it would be Broadcast Multi access or P2P not multiaccess?

Hi Adil,

It depends on the interface type, on Ethernet interfaces OSPF will pick broadcast as default. On PPP serial interfaces it will select point-to-point.