OSPF DR/BDR election


In the topic OSPF ABR Type 3 LSA Filtering (https://networklessons.com/cisco/ccie-routing-switching/ospf-abr-type-3-lsa-filtering-on-cisco-ios), the R4#show ip ospf neighbor snippet shows that R4 is elected BDR for all the other 3 routers, but shouldn’t it be the opposite i.e. R4 is DR for R1,R2 and R3. As R4 has the highest loopback address.

Also, in the topic, OSPF DR/BDR Election explained (https://networklessons.com/cisco/ccie-routing-switching/ospf-drbdr-election-explained), in the 2 multi-access segments topology R2#show ip ospf neighbor shows that R1 is elected BDR while the text below it says that “R1 is the DR for the segment”.

Are these changes correct or have I missed something in the DR/BDR election process?


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Hi Apoorva,

R4 should be the DR yes, I just fixed this.

That’s a typo yes, just fixed this as well.

Thanks for reporting!