OSPF Next Hop IP Address with different Network Types

Please take out the Frame Relay aspect of these labs. It’s not a study point anymore in Cisco exams…

Hello Brad

Frame-relay as a technology is no longer found in Cisco exams, however, features such as OSPF network types as well as EIGRP authentication per neighbor are indeed valid. These features can only be labbed up using a non-broadcast network topology and Frame-relay is the most convenient. So although it is not a topic in the exams, it is still necessary to learn other features. Take a look at this post for additional information…

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Hello Dear,

Please could you clarify why you used frame-rely to explain different ospf network types, as frame-rely is not used in nowadays network.

Hello Ahmedlmad

Take a look at this NetworkLessons note on the topic of Frame Relay. Also keep in mind that the purpose of this series of lessons is to explain the various network types that OSPF can be configured with. Frame relay is simply being used as the underlying network topology simply because the OSPF network types relate to such non-broadcast network technologies.

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Hi Rene
I struggled to configure le frame Relay because I use the same routers but I Always don’t arrive to see the same results that you.
Possible of knowing what you use like frame Relay on GNS3 ?
In short, how to know If serial interface is enabled ?

Hello Jordan

Take a look at this Frame Relay course that talks about how to set up Frame Relay in your lab:

Some additional resources you can use can be found here:


Let us know how you get along and if we can be of further help!

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