OSPFv3 adjacency requirement

Hey renee,
I would like to know if the list of requirement to establish a adjacency between 2 OSPFv3 routers is the same like OSPF (IPv4).
I know that in IPv4 we have to check:

		§ Timers
		§ Authentication
		§ Area ID
		§ Subnet 
		§ Subnet Mask
                       Stub area Flag

But in the OSPFv3 I think we need to see instance ID…

Hi Alfredo,

That’s right, the list with requirements is the same but the instance ID is new. It has to match on both routers.


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Hi Rene ,
Why mtu exchange won’t happen during neighbor formation stage ? Why in exstart stage ?

Hello Aravind

OSPF doesn’t have a mechanism where it exchanges information about the MTU on the interfaces that connect two OSPF neighbours. However, OSPF routers can get stuck in the Extart stage because of MTU issues. More information about this can be found at the following Cisco documentation.

I hope this has been helpful!