Packet loss


We are facing packet loss through the red line direction and not through the green line.
Any basic troubleshooting steps for the packet loss issues.

Hello Pavan

Troubleshooting packet loss can be challenging simply because there are various causes to such a problem. Here are some guidelines you should use to approach such problems.

  1. Determine the specific path that the packets take when you observe packet loss.
  2. Check the interfaces along that path to see where they are being lost. Check out interface statistics using the show interface command so you can determine the exact location of packet loss.
  3. If the packet loss is indeed occurring on an interface, check for things like network congestion, or faulty physical layer infrastructure, such as cabling.
  4. If the packet loss is occurring at the host, then you can troubleshoot the network card of the host or the applications running on the host.

In your particular case, it looks like traffic going through SS1 is affected, but not traffic going through SS2, is that right? Check the interface statistics on SS1 as well as on the network card of the affected server. Check for errors, queue overruns, or rejected packets (runts or giants).

Once you identify the location of the packet loss, then you can go on to the next step of attempting to resolve the problem. Hopefully, this has given you a clearer first step. Let us know how you get along!

I hope this has been helpful!