Had to recertify with Cisco for a job requirement. I did have a CCDP many years ago, however it had expired, and I had to start over. I signed up to use NetworkLessons to help brush up and have grown to like this site ~ it is functional and gets you through a wide range of knowledge areas. For those studying for the CCNP ENCOR and ENARSI, NetworkLessons really helps along with your readings. I also found useful study material in the “Legay” folder for the old retired CCIE Written and CCIE R&S that has great knowledge areas that I was exposed to in the testing. Just a helpful hint the CCNP ENCOR qualifies for the CCIE written, so it does not hurt to read through the CCIE written material to get a better feel for EEM and CoPP.

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Hello Jessie

First of all congratulations on passing the ENCOR and ENARSI exams. That’s a very noteworthy achievement, as these certifications are by no means trivial. They require real knowledge and understanding of the concepts to pass them.

Also, thanks for sharing your experience in studying and preparing for the exams, I’m sure it will be helpful for those that will be sitting the exams. And we’re very pleased that you found the site useful and that we were part of your successful certification journey.

We wish you success in all of your endeavors!