Passed ROUTE! On to Switch

This site was great at helping me to understand topics at a deeper level. Here’s what recommend to future candidates of this exam:

  1. If there is a topic on the ROUTE exam blueprint that Rene has multiple levels of lessons on it (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE), follow all of them.
  2. Look at the forums for each lesson and read them. Generally someone will be a little confused about a particular scenario and the community will explain it beautifully.
  3. Try and read the Cisco “white papers” or any official documentation from Cisco about a topic AFTER you go through Rene’s lesson. They go super deep in the theory (sometimes more than you need). If you try white papers before the lesson, it might be more confusing than if Rene had explained the fundamentals in a way you could easily understand, then you added onto it with the white papers.
  4. If the white paper mentions something multiple times throughout (for example: the fact that EVN is only supported on interfaces that support 802.1Q was mentioned at least 3 times) write it down because it’s probably pretty important. Furthermore, the prerequisites or limitations sections of each paper make for excellent exam questions!

Good luck, everyone!

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Hello Bartley,
congrats on passing CCNP route, very hard and toppic-wide exam.
You are sharing pretty good advices for future exam takers. I cant agree more with you.

I will add one more very importat bulletpoint. Whenever you see the word “Describe” in exam blueprint, do not take it as easy. Actually learn how to configure and verify this “Describe” toppic, because questions are going to be asked about configuration and verification.
On the other hand, how you want to completly “describe” something when you cannot configure and verify it :sunglasses:.

Good luck with CCNP Switch Bartley.

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Hello Bartley

Congratulations on passing the ROUTE exam!! And thanks for sharing your experience with the community. I wish you success in the next steps and as awlays, we’ll be here to help you along the way whenever you need it.