Pattern Drop

what is reason for Pattern drop ,and if its issue , how we can solve this


Hello Prashant

This is normal behavior and it’s not something you should be worried about. But what is happening here? Well, it looks to me that there is a rate-limiting feature somewhere along the path of your ping. It could be QoS policing applied, which limits the bandwidth and thus drops some of the ICMP packets. You can see more about this here:

Or it could be an application of Control Plane policing (CoPP) which is a specialized application of QoS for the control plane. You can see an example of this here:

In both lessons, you will see examples of pings with several drops similar to the ones you shared in your post.

Now if none of these QoS features have been applied, it may be that this is a result of network problems, but this should not be examined just from this ping pattern. If you are experiencing other network problems you may have to continue your troubleshooting to find out the reason behind these drops.

I hope this has been helpful!