Ping from a router

I got a ping problem from router where as the switches that are connected to the router are able to ping a outside network but not the router… what might be the issue

Hello Mahesh,

When you ping a device on an outside network, there are a couple of things involved:

* You need a default gateway so the device knows how to get out of its own subnet
* When you try to reach something on the Internet, you need NAT/PAT
* Access-lists, if you have any

Make sure that your router knows how to get out of its own subnet. You can test this by pinging an IP address on your network that is not in the subnet of your router. Your router doesn’t use a default gateway like a host or switch does, but it will need a default route.

Also, make sure NAT/PAT is configured to translate the source IP address of your router (if you try to ping something on the Internet).

Make sure there are no access-lists dropping the traffic from your router.

See what devices you can ping from your router. Can you ping the default gateway that the switches/hosts use? Can you ping the outside IP address of your NAT router? You can do this step by step, or try traceroute to see where it stops.