Practice SD-WAN requirement


I want to implement and study sd-wan on my laptop 8 gb of ram i want know wich is the best method to learn sd-wan and make practise thanks

Hello Ugo,

If you want to build your own lab, you’ll need more memory. You can’t run the Cisco SD-WAN images with only 8GB. You need a lot of memory, especially if you want to run 20.x:

You need about ~28GB of RAM to run the controllers. Each vEdge router requires 1GB of RAM. You probably also want to run some other devices, like an IOS switch or router. A laptop with 32 GB of RAM is probably not enough.

If you really want to use a laptop, I would suggest at least 48 or 64 GB of RAM. It might be a better idea to use a dedicated second-hand server. For example, a Proliant DL380 G8 with 128GB of RAM is about $500-600:

You can run VMWare ESXi on it. When you don’t need it, you power it off (which you can do remotely).

Another option is Cisco’s Devnet or dCloud:

These hosted labs are free. They can be useful if you want to try different things.