Preconfigured VIRL\GNS3 labs for ENCORE 350-401 course


In the new CCNP Enterprise course, are there any preconfigured virl/gns3 labs? , or do we have to always build the topology and copy\paste the initial configs?


Hello Walter,

At the moment, we only have the “show run” files.

I used to supply GNS3 startup / final config files on but it’s always a hassle. First we had GNS3 1.x, then with 2.x they used different files.

Today we have VIRL 1.x, in a few months they release 2.x and you might have to convert topology files.

EVE-NG is popular too but who knows, maybe in 2-3 years we have something else.

In a nutshell, regular Cisco IOS / XR / XR / ASA commands always work while supplying files for all possible emulators is an administrative nightmare :sweat_smile:


Hi Rene,

i totally understand, thank you.

i have received the payment notification from networklessons 29$ monthly payment
thank you for making the changes.


Hi René,

Are all the lessons for ccnp encore updated and completed? If not will there be a notification that all the lessons are updated and added?

Hello Walter,

Most of it yes. There are still some network automation topics i have to add and update some of the older material. It will take a few weeks (and feedback from people) to get everything to 100%.

When I release new lessons, you can find them here:

I also update the feedback board:


Good day Rene\laz

when will the ‘‘startup-configs’’ for the old lessons be uploaded at the beginning of every lessons before the final configurations?, it makes it kind of difficult to determine which is the startup config and which is the final config, I have to paste the final config in notepad and highlight the start-up config from the final config.
i see the new lessons already have the start-up configs, and thank you for that!


Hello Walter

I know that Rene is working on getting those configs up for the newer lessons as you saw, and he’ll be preparing them for the older lessons as well. I don’t know what the timeframe for this is, but I’ll ask him to get back to you soon.