Preconfigured VIRL\GNS3 labs for ENCORE 350-401 course


In the new CCNP Enterprise course, are there any preconfigured virl/gns3 labs? , or do we have to always build the topology and copy\paste the initial configs?


Hello Walter,

At the moment, we only have the “show run” files.

I used to supply GNS3 startup / final config files on but it’s always a hassle. First we had GNS3 1.x, then with 2.x they used different files.

Today we have VIRL 1.x, in a few months they release 2.x and you might have to convert topology files.

EVE-NG is popular too but who knows, maybe in 2-3 years we have something else.

In a nutshell, regular Cisco IOS / XR / XR / ASA commands always work while supplying files for all possible emulators is an administrative nightmare :sweat_smile:


Hi Rene,

i totally understand, thank you.

i have received the payment notification from networklessons 29$ monthly payment
thank you for making the changes.


Hi René,

Are all the lessons for ccnp encore updated and completed? If not will there be a notification that all the lessons are updated and added?

Hello Walter,

Most of it yes. There are still some network automation topics i have to add and update some of the older material. It will take a few weeks (and feedback from people) to get everything to 100%.

When I release new lessons, you can find them here:

I also update the feedback board: