Priority Percent

There is a lot of confusion surrounding priority percent. Some believe that what eve the percent is it is allocated by the router and no other queue can use it, some others believe that other queues can use the priority percent as long as there is no traffic marked by EF. Could someone please explain it to me?


Four things to know about priority percent:

  1. The effect of the command will only take place when there is congestion. Without congestion there is no reservation and 100% of the configured bandwidth is available to any traffic class.
  2. The bandwidth percentage is the guaranteed amount that your high priority traffic will get if it needs it
  3. The high priority traffic will only use as much as it needs. In other words, the presence of high priority traffic during congestion doesn’t mean that automatically your configured priority percentage amount will NOT be available to other traffic classes (if, for example, you had a very small amount of high priority traffic)
  4. The bandwidth percentage represents the absolute maximum your high priority traffic will get–high priority traffic above this will be dropped