Python Connect with API

This topic is to discuss the following lesson:

Do you have any experience with opendcim?
I’m looking to update devices via python using APIs

Can you give me any examples to do this?


Hello Giovanni

This lesson describes how to connect via Python using APIs:

Although it does not use openDCIM, it gives you an idea of the methodology used. If you want to specifically use openDCIM, there’s a lot of documentation out there from the very simple to the complex. A good place to start may be the following Getting Started info about openDCIM.

If you would like to see openDCIM or any other feature or tool on the site, you can always make a suggestion at the Member Ideas page below:

I hope this has been helpful!


I am a bit confused. Are these APIs in the lesson considered as REST? For example, in the “API without Authentication” example, it is said “The API returns the requested data in JSON format.”
Isn’t this the Representational part of a REST API?

Hello Marios

These are not REST APIs, but I understand that the title of this particular thread is Python Connect with REST API. This is a typo. The lesson itself is called Python Connect with API. For REST APIs, take a look at this lesson:

REST APIs typically use HTTP methods to retrieve or send information between applications. REST APIs in the context of the above lesson are APIs to Cisco network devices for the purpose of controlling and managing them.

I will let Rene know to make the appropriate modifications to the thread title.

Thanks for pointing this out!