Python for beginners

What are some recommendations for someone who’s new to programming and getting into python, it’s a real challenge for the traditional network engineers, not really sure where to start.

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Read the book learning python the hard way by Zedd , it’s very hands-on. By no means am I an expert but at least I can look at a script and figure out it’s logic


Hello Irfan

There are many approaches to learning to code in general, as well as to learning to code with Python for network applications specifically. How you should approach it depends on what you want to achieve.

If you want to specifically learn Python for networking, then the Python course on NetworkLessons gives you the full introduction. It starts from (almost) scratch, teaches you how to install and set up your environment, and lets you experiment. It incrementally helps you to understand the structure of code and allows you to try out code right on the web page.

If you’re interested in going beyond this specific narrow application and you want to learn to code in general with various languages and for a wide range of purposes, there are several online resources that you can try. One that I have found very useful is And as its name suggests, it’s free. In particular, they have a section called how to learn programming - the guide I wish I had when I started learning to code. Search for it on their site. It’s a great initial springboard to get into it. Some parts of it such as “understand how the internet works” for example, you as a network engineer can skip over :sunglasses: but a lot of other step by step exercises I found very helpful…

I hope this has been helpful!


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