Python Lists

This topic is to discuss the following lesson:

I think there is a mistake for the Len function it is a copy of the Concatenate function. Also. thanks so much for the lesson!

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Hello Justin

Yes, you are correct, thanks for pointing that out. I will let Rene know to make the appropriate changes.


Thanks @Jallen.jaxit, I fixed this.


Hi Rene,

thanks for your effort to get things easier, But the code of the lesson"Convert data type into list" does not exist , could you put it again or even screen shoot


Hello Amina

Taking a look at this section of the lesson, I see that the code is displayed correctly:

Can you let us know under what circumstances you can’t see it so that we can fix it if there is a problem?



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Hello Lazaros,

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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