QoS LLQ (Low Latency Queueing) on Cisco IOS

Hello Rene,
Thanks a lot for your explanation. However, still needs some more clarification. Lets’ say I have an interface GIg 0/1 that is capable of handling 100 packets per second. I have three different kinds of traffic passing through the interface. They are Traffic A, B and C.

And the QoS is configured like this:

Traffic A: Priority 50 packets
Traffic B: Bandwidth 25 packets
Traffic C: Bandwidth 25 packets

I am just using packets per second instead of MB or KB per second.

As far as my understanding goes, QoS will work like this:

#Every second the interface will send out 100 packets totally, but QoS will make sure that out of those 100 packets, the interface will send 50 packets of Traffic A first and then 25 packets from Traffic B and 25 packets from Traffic C.Is it correct?
If I draw this, the queue will be like this:

B + C + A =========>>Out
25 + 25 + 50

C + B + A ===========>Out
25 + 25 + 50

Meaning Traffic A will be delivered first.
Is it correct?

Thank you so much.