Qos policy configuration issue on asr1001-x

Hi guys,

I’m trying to implement a QOS policy on one of my ASR1001-X WAN router. I can’t seem to understand how to correct this error once i have entered the command below. I gett the error message “Police and Priority with bandwidth/percent are not allowed in the same class”

The policy i was trying to implemented on the ASR1001-x was implemented successfully on ISR3900 without any issue. See below the command i issued on the ASR1001-X.


policy-map FQ-Egress
 class dscp-ef
  priority percent 70
  police rate percent 45
   conform-action set-dscp-transmit ef
   exceed-action set-dscp-transmit af41
   violate-action set-dscp-transmit af41

Could this be related to platform issue or IOS image upgrade issue? The router is currently running IOS code image “asr1001x-universalk9.16.07.01.SPA.bin”. Has anyone seen this type of behavior before that can provide me with any kind of guidance?


Hello Samuel

This seems to be normal behavior for an ASR 1001-X. A similar situation was observed by a user on the Cisco Community Forum. Take a look at the following for an alternative way of implementing it:

Let us know how you get along with your implementation!

I hope this has been helpful!


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Thank you Laz. That was the solution. Much appreciated.

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