QoS Policy

I trust everyone is keeping well during the current pandemic. I am working on a QoS assignment in Packet Tracer file and need a little guidance please.

I have been asked to include as many elements as needed to demonstrate an overall knowledge of the design of a secure, durable and scalable converged network for such new development.

The given design considerations are:

• Voice applications traffic, generated by voice-related applications (such as contact call centres)
• Mission-critical traffic, generated, for example, by database applications
• Transactional traffic, generated by e-commerce applications
• Routing update traffic from routing protocols such as Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)
• Bulk transfer (such as file transfer or HTTP), considered best-effort traffic

The tasks are:

  1. Design Queuing strategies to cope with the traffic mix mainly at Sligo
  2. Using Access Control Lists (ACL’s) to segregate your different traffic classes
  3. Using the ACL’s then create class maps to cope with the different traffic flows
  4. Create policy maps to contain these class maps
  5. Insert the policy maps at the relevant points on the network
  6. Demonstrate where traffic policing will be implemented within the network
  7. Show also where traffic shaping will take place on the network
  8. Show how PPP multilink could be used and apply if necessary
  9. Show how header compression can be used on the WAN link
  10. Any other scenario which you may consider appropriate

I have created the ACLs based on TCP/UDP ports for the Voice, Video, Mission-Critical, Signalling, Transactional-Data and Bulk-Data. I have created the corresponding Class-Maps. I have created the Policy-Map.

policy-map WAN
class Voice
priority percent 18
set precedence 5
class Video 
Priority percent 15
set precedence 4	
class Signalling 
bandwidth percent 5
set precedence 3
class Mission-Critical-Data
bandwidth percent 10
set precedence 3
random-detect prec-based
class Transactional-Data
bandwidth percent 7
set precedence 2
random-detect prec-based
class Bulk-Data
bandwidth percent 4
set precedence 1
random-detect prec-based
class Class-Default
bandwidth percent 25
set precedence 0

Configuration questions I have and would appreciate some help in understanding are:

  1. Where to place the policy?
    I believe the configured policy-map should in the outbound direction of the Serial 0/0/0 interface

  2. What QoS information should be configured on the Dublin router?

  3. Do I need to include an ACL, CLass-Map and update the Policy for EIGRP updates a Precedence 6?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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