Question about CCIE EI lab topology

Hi friends who are also pursuing CCIE EI certification ,
Here is an old topology of CCIE EI lab (version 1.0
I’m trying to understand the meaning of the AS in the upper right corner , noted as IaaS.
Is it a private cloud infra built by the company , or by ISP ? I’m confused of its use and the scenario.
Do you have any idea about that ?


Hello Junwei

First of all, I will have to remove the image you shared, as it may cause copyright issues for us. However, I will respond to your question below:

I can share with you what my feeling is concerning what I see. AS 65003 which is at the top right is simply one more AS that is included in this particular network topology. As you can see, it has private internal IPv4 addresses (, but R30 at the edge of the AS has two interfaces with public routable IPv4 addresses ( and So it is an infrastructure that is private, but directly connected to the Internet. This is also evident from the private ASN that is used (65003).

Now this is directly connected to the Global ISP#1’s network, so it is likely that this infrastructure belongs to this ISP. As an IaaS infrastructure, it is likely that it is a cloud service delivered to multiple enterprises. However, the actually ownership is not so much an issue, it is more the expected usage that is of importance. Does that make sense?

I hope this has been helpful!


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