Question about LACP flags

Hello dear Rene,
In a port channel, I can see a PG+ flag on one side of the LACP port-channel but only P flag on the other side of the channel. What does this indicate?
A little googling told me: "Link is Not Aggregatable because it is marked as an Individual link by the LACP partner device.
" But I am not able to make much sense out of this. Can you please explain in much simpler terms like you always do?
Thanks and regards.

Hello Ninad

I am unable to find the PG+ flag for port channel for either LACP or for PAgP and I have been unable to find any results for such a thing from Google. For example, the available flags for LACP are the following:

Flags:  S - Device is sending Slow LACPDUs   F - Device is sending fast LACPDUs.
        A - Device is in active mode.        P - Device is in passive mode.

while those for PAgP are:

Flags:  S - Device is sending Slow hello.  C - Device is in Consistent state.
        A - Device is in Auto mode.        P - Device learns on physical port.
        d - PAgP is down.
Timers: H - Hello timer is running.        Q - Quit timer is running.
        S - Switching timer is running.    I - Interface timer is running.

Both of the above are actual outputs for the show etherchannel X detail command and they don’t include the PG+ flag.

Can you please clarify the situation that you are facing and include your CLI output as well?

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you…


PG+ exists on Arista boxes. I was able to find the problem here. Cisco does not have those flags and hence the confusion. Thanks for your assistance.

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