Question about MPLS vpnv4 prefix default advertisement

Hi guys, I´ve a question about the default route advetisement under MPLS backbone.
The client A (vrf_a) only has static routing at both sites (X, Y) in my MPLS backbone, he needs to advetise the static route from site X to site Y but it doesn´t propagate to the rest of MPLS network, why?
this is my configuration:

router bgp 22345
 rd 22345:800
  address-family ipv4 unicast
   redistribute connected
   redistribute static
router static
 vrf vrf_a
  address-family ipv4 unicast description default_route description LAN_MATRIZ 

only the specific route is propagated, but the default doesn´t.

Only if I set the command default-information originate under BGP vrf_a instance the default route is propagated, why? is this a correct behavour?
Please your feedback.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Javier

In your case it looks like you’re using BGP between your CE and PE devices. Remember that when using BGP, you can advertise networks in two ways: redistribution and by using the network command. This is detailed in the following lesson:

In your configuration, I see you have used redistribution, and in particular, the redistribution of connected and static routes. This is why your is propagated.

However, BGP will not advertise a default route using redistribution. It must be done using the default information-originate command that you correctly realized will solve your problem. The reason it must be implemented in this way is detailed in the following post:

I hope this has been helpful!