Question: Failover set up for internet

Hi René
May i know if this set up is possible for failover set up for internet?


  1. in site A the lan network will connect to ISP1 and once the internet will go down it will automatically connected to ISP2 which is located in siteB also can i also do that automatic failover in IPSEC?

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Hello Franklin

This setup can indeed be configured to work as you have it. You can either achieve this using static routing in the ASA and the routers with the appropriate SLA to route traffic across the leased line in the event of an ISP failure, or using a dynamic routing protocol as well. For the former, take a look at this lesson:

For the latter, take a look at any of the dynamic routing protocols available in the lessons.

I hope this has been helpful!


thanks bro! i will try to do this thanks a lot!

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