Question on the practice exam for encor 350-401

The answer of the the question here under is not true to my knowledge. I agree with the explaining but not with the answer. Can somebody help me here with? I dont understand the question

Hello Sven

For Overhead, the container is a better solution, because it is much more efficient, since it doesn’t require the virtualization of hardware and the underlying server OS.

For Performance, the container is better because it has the smallest performance hit compared to a VM.

For startup time, the container is better because it doesn’t have to wait several minutes for OS, it is almost instantanious!

For storage, the container is better because it takes up very little space compared to the VM

For isolation, the VM is better because it is completely isolated from other systems and containers, so it is considered more secure.

So the correct answer is that for all categories, the container is better except for the characteristic of isolation, where the VM is better. Is that what you had as well? With which answer do you disagree?