Rafli from Indonesia

Hello everyone,

My name is Rafli. I come from Jakarta, Indonesia. I’ve got my CCNA in 2003 about 17 years ago, but now I am a founder of two companies that focus in network, security and cloud solution to serve our customer.

The first company I have found is aimed to have a direct peer with the first Indonesia local exchange, and our router connected to it with a direct Fiber Optic cable, resides on the same datacenter.
The second company is aimed to have a direct peer with the second local exchange in Indonesia, and our router is located on the same building with it.
Both router is connected with a dark fiber that span those two datacenter, and it is split into multiple DWDM channel.

Connecting with two (arguably, largest) Indonesia local exchange could cover most of all connectivity with any ISP in Indonesia, thus will save our cost to buy Internet bandwith, and increase our routing performance. It is configured so, because our clients are mainly published their content primarily for Indonesian consumer.

Initially, I Join networklessons.com because I want to learn how to employ community or extcommunity in both router at both datacenter, so that our client can receive networks from both router and do some network engineering by themselves, without the need of our intervention.

However, after a quick read at the forum, I also notice that there is a security forum, to which I want to learn much more, because we are here has deployed several Cisco ASA and Fortinet devices to handle network and VPN traffic.

So, I am here ready to learn to improve services to our customer. Please kindly support me to learn.

Hello Rafli,

Welcome! Sounds interesting what you are doing with your companies :slight_smile:

I hope you can find what you need, If you need any help, you know where to find us.


Hello Rene,
Thank you. Hope that I can improve my service to clients, with the help of this forum. :blush: