Redistribute static in EIGRP using Encrypted GRE

We are setting up a high available link between two sites using two different MPLS service providers. The links have to be encrypted using IPSEC. The links are in the process of being installed. We are trying to prepare a setup in our labs to test the failover mechanism of the other equipment and the QOS profiles that we plan to implement on the links.
Below is a diagram of the test setup. The SBR-MOBBH-RT00 ---- GDC-MOBBH-RT00 link (Mobily) is the primary link. And the other link (STC) is backup.


I have attached the configs of the routers. We are using EIGRP. We are facing an issue with redistributing the Static routes ( The traffic is going through the STC link (downside link SBR-STCBH-RT00 - GDC-STCBH-RT00) instead of the primary link (upside link) and also when I disconnect gi0/1 & gi0/0 of GDC-MOBBH-RT00 router, couldn’t reach subnet from SBR-MOBBH-RT00 LAN interface. Kindly help.SBR-STCBH-RT00.txt (1.8 KB)
SBR-MOBBH-RT00-----.txt (2.4 KB)
GDC-STCBH-RT00.txt (1.8 KB)
GDC-MOBBH-RT00-----.txt (2.3 KB)

Hello Sivakumar,

Giving advice on production networks and solving errors is outside the scope of our support policy. It’s very time consuming to dive into specific config files for one particular network.

Having said that, let me give some general advice. A network won’t be advertised in your routing protocol when an interface goes down.

If you are no longer able to reach that network, it looks like the routers on the other end only have a single entry in their routing table. I would start checking if both routers advertise your network, and see what the routers on the other end have in their routing table. Make sure they receive a route from both routers, they don’t have to install both but with EIGRP, you’ll probably see one feasible successor route (if it meets the feasible successor condition).


Dear Rene, this is not my production network, in couple of months it’s going to be. Before putting in to production, I am testing this scenario in my test bench to understand how network behaves in different network outage condition…