Remote User VPN(ssl vpn on Router)

I would like to know how to configure 2 remote user ssl vpn on a Cisco router 1941.
I have configured on ASA but never on Routers.
Please advise

Sorry forgot to add:
also 2 remote users using 2 different ssl vpn groups. One for company users and the other for a contractor.


Hello Alfredo

You can find comprehensive information concerning the creation of SSL VPNs on routers (including the 1941) at this Cisco Documentation.

You can create two different SSL VPN groups and use each one for a different user or user group as you describe. See what you can do with this documentation, and if you run into any difficulties, feel free to come back and post your specific problem so we can help you out!

In the meantime, @ReneMolenaar may want to create a new lesson that describes exactly what you are asking for. I will let him know and he can tell you more about that possibility.

I hope this has been helpful!