Remove As-path on advertisement

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I have a requirement to remove or trim as-path on the advertisement, can some one pls help.

We have 2 different bgp peering, both receives the same routes with lesser and longer as-path. I have use the longer as-path link to avoid asymmetric routing.

Note I can not prepend the AS in lesser as-path as that is meraki device and there is no option.

Ramkumar S

Hello Kumar

If you’re not able to configure AS path prepending on the devices that are advertising the BGP routes, you can always apply it in an incoming direction on your local Cisco device.

Take a look at the example in the following lesson:

In this topology, AS Path Prepending is added in an outbound direction from AS1 to AS2. You can always apply it to R2 in AS2 in an inbound direction. The resulting BGP table in R2 will be the same. This way you don’t have to rely on the Meraki devices.

Now having said that, according to some posts online, AS path prepending is available on Meraki devices, although it does depend on the model and the code release being used.

I hope this has been helpful!


Thanks Lazaros,

Prepending was always on mind, yes the Meraki does support Prepending. My motive with this post was to know is there any other option apart from AS Path prepending.

Ram Kumar S

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