Renew the current CCNP certification

Hi Guys! My current CCNP R&S should expire next year. As i understand, I’m able to renew my CCNP by passing CCNP ENCORE and CCNP ENARSI.
I’m currently working on CCIE labs based on workbook. I believe by working this way i’d be well prepared for both CCNP ENCORE and CCNP ENARSI as well as further for CCIE lab exam.
Do you think may above approach is OK? Should I also go through your CCNP ENCORE or CCIE courses?
Any suggestions from you as the experts would be highly appreciated.



Hello Nusret

According to Cisco, if you have your CCNP R&S, then you are automatically CCNP Enterprise Certified, based on the new certifications. Now in order to re-certify, according to this Cisco reference, you must fulfil one of the following requirements:

  • Pass one technology core exam
  • Pass any two professional concentration exams
  • Pass one CCIE lab exam

So according to this, you can simply recertify by passing the ENCORE exam. Alternatively, you can pass only the ENARSI exam and one other concentration exam of the six that are available and you’re done. Or you can simply go for any CCIE exam, and automatically recertify all your professional level certifications. So it’s a little simpler than what you’d hoped, just as long as your certification doesn’t expire, otherwise you must start from scratch.

So if you’re interested in remaining certified, and going for your CCIE, simply go directly for the CCIE and by passing this, you’ll renew all of your existing certifications.

Now that’s a practical approach. If you feel that you need the study time and the learning process involved with going through the professional level exams again, in order to get to your CCIE, then that’s a different story, and that’s something that you will have to determine for yourself.

I hope this has been helpful!


Hi Laz,

Thanks very much for your clear info!
I think I should do ENCORE before I go to CCIE R&S.
Do you think INE’s CCIE R&S Workbook is the right way to be prepared to pass ENCORE? Should I take ENCORE course here as well?


Hello Nusret

Sounds good, doing ENCORE will get you up to speed so that you can develp the momentum necessary for CCIE.

As Rene often states, the content on NetworkLessons helps trainees understand the topics that will be faced on the label for CCIE. The content here may not be enough, so it is recommended that you use workbooks like those available from INE or Cisco 360.

A workbook, in combination with the explanations on NetworkLessons should give you a solid foundation on which to build and achieve your certification.

I hope this has been helpful!


I did not renew my CCNA. I haven been working as a Network Engineer since 2015.

  1. Do I have to renew my CCNA then take the CCNP?
  2. Should I renew my CCNA then taken the CCNP?

Hello David

For the new CCNP Enterprise certification, according to Cisco:

There are no formal prerequisites for CCNP Enterprise, but you should have a good understanding of the exam topics before taking the exam.

CCNP candidates often also have three to five years of experience implementing enterprise networking solutions.

So you don’t need to get CCNA certified if you feel that you are at a high enough level. And based on the work experience you have, it looks like you can go directly to CCNP.

Keep in mind that it all has to do with what you feel most comfortable with. Getting your CCNA first will allow you to get a feel for studying again, and will allow you to more gradually enter into the certification experience. If however, you feel ready, go for the CCNP directly.

I hope this has been helpful!


Hi there, I got my CCNP Routing and Switching at the beginning of 2020. I basically passed all three exams in a span of 1 month, just before Cisco changed the curriculum. Now I want to start training for the CCIE, which is now the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure. Do I need to do the ENCOR exam first?

Hello Edgar

I have been unable to find a clear cut answer to this question. Cisco officially says that you need to take and pass the ENCOR exam before you take the CCIE lab test. Some Cisco Community managers state that any valid CCNP R&S is converted to a CCNP Enterprise certification. Although this is true, it doesn’t fulfil the requirement of actually taking the ENCOR exam. Some additional links however support the option of going directly for the lab.

I suggest you check out your account at the Cisco Certifications portal which should clearly state your eligibility for the exam.

In any case, consider taking the ENCOR exam anyway, as it may be a good step the process of studying.

I hope this has been helpful!


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