Rip routing table


Urgent assistance needed I have this routing table and need to draw a network topology but having difficulty

please assist
Regards Luciano

any suggestions anyone

Please assist

Hello Luciano

  1. First I suggest you draw a router and label its interfaces. Those can be seen at the end of each line.
  2. Secondly, from the above output you can see which subnets are directly connected to those interfaces. You now have a router with three subnets in your topology.
  3. Third, note all the subnets that are learned via RIP, that is, those with the R indicator on the left. You can see how many hops away each of those subnets are [120/X] and from which interface they can be reached.
  4. You can now draw the connected routers in each case as well.
  5. One more thing. You can see in a couple of cases that there are two routes to a specific subnet. This means that there are two links to the same router.

This should help you to get started. You might want to share your results with us.

I hope this has been helpful!


Thanks Lazaros I managed to finish it and its working :+1:

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