I have question please about this 2 commands

Router BGP 34567
no neighbor route -map med- out
neighbor route-map med-in

But med-in and Med -Out it’s not a cisco command but a comment
I don’t understand this 2 commands


Hello Ugo

The commands that you shared are commands that implement a BGP peering between the local router an the router with IP address But this peering in these commands are subject to parameters of a route-map. In both of these commands, the argument that comes after the route-map keyword is the name of a route map. This is an entity that must be configured and defined by an admin. The med-out and med-in route maps must have been configured on this device. You can name route maps with whatever name you like and then reference them using that name. You can find more examples of how route maps are used in conjunction with BGP neighbor commands at the following lesson in the section called “BGP Route-Maps”.

I hope this has been helpful!


very very thanks Lagapidies

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