Route reflector

Hi Rene,
I would like to know how can I understand which RT value is a subnet taking or through which RT value is one particular subnet is learning in route reflector. For example if i export one subnet for inter VRF routing i would like to see this information in Route reflector. Like this subnet which i export is coming with this RT. Kindly help me with that particular command from which i can get this.

Hello Shibu

Sorry for the late reply. Remember that the RR is just another iBGP neighbor, similar to a normal iBGP neighbor. You can check the BGP table and it will show the RTs and subnets involved. For an overview of all the VPN routes, you can use the following command:

show bgp vpnv4 unicast vrf CUSTOMER

And if you want to see the RT for a particular entry, you can use:

show bgp vpnv4 unicast all

You may also be able to see the RT in the output shown when using the advertised-routes parameters like so:

show ip bgp neighbors advertised-routes

You can try some of these out and let us know.

I hope this has been helpful!