Routing to the Internet through Multiples routers connected in a row

Router A is connected to Router B through a Point-to-Point connection. Router A, does not have a connection to the Internet. Router B has a Point-to-Point connection to Router, and a connection to the Internet. I created a tunnel between the routers, and it works perfectly. Router A can ping Router B and vice -versa. The issue is that I cannot figure out how to route Router A traffic to the Internet and back through the Static IP Routes.

Hello Tristan

From my understanding, you want a host in the subnet (I assume /16 as that is what you have in your routing table on Router B) to be able to reach the Internet via the ISP router, correct?

First of all, you say you’ve got communication between the and networks working correctly through the tunnel. We don’t have enough information to confirm that, since you may actually be routing traffic directly from Router A to Router B without the tunnel. It really depends on how you’ve configured the tunnel. In any case, you mention that it’s working fine.

Now how do you get a host with, say, an IP address of to reach the Internet? Well, if your tunnel is working correctly, it will be tunneled and it will reach router B. That packet will then be routed via the default route of Now I don’t see that on your diagram, and it doesn’t look like it’s the ISP router, so from the info we have here, the packet will be dropped. SHould the default route not point traffic to the ISP gateway?

I suggest you use traceroute initially to see where your packet is dropping off. From the info here, I believe router B would drop it for the reasons I mentioned above. However, do some troubleshooting with traceroute and let us know how you get along. The following links may help you in your troubleshooting:

I hope this has been helpful!