RSTP and portfast,uplinkfast,backbones)

If I enable RSTP (SW1(config)#spanning-tree mode rapid-pvst) on all switches from LAN
do I need to enable portfast,uplinkfast,backbonest also or is inbuilt?
Or these ( portfast,uplinkfast,backbones)only applies when only have STP is enable

Hello Antonio

If you enable RSTP, you will have to configure portfast manually on the specific access ports that you desire. This is not done automatically. If you already had portfast enabled using STP, then the portfast command on the individual ports will still be active.

The same goes for uplinkfast, but on the global config mode and not on a port by port basis.

Finally you do not need to configure backbone fast with RSTP because the mechanism is natively included and automatically enabled in RSTP.

I hope this has been helpful!


Thank you so much.
Have a great week.

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