Setup Cisco VIRL

Dear sir,

     How to setup Cisco VIRL ?  Is there any way to use trail for one or two week ?
     Please advise.

Thank you


Hello Mani

You can find a little bit of information about VIRL at this lesson:

All additional information about VIRL, how to set it up, what it costs, what options are available, can be found at Cisco’s official VIRL information site.

There you will find documentation on how to set up, install, and run VIRL on your computer. As for a free trial, there is currently no indication of this, however, Cisco does say that they will give you a full refund if you find that the product “does not fit with your needs”. I’m not sure what the requirements for that refund involve, but you can contact Cisco about that.

I hope this has been helpful!