SG200 or SG300 - Changing the VLAN that the devices used?

On my SG200, the VLAN that all of the devices use is VLAN 1, which is the Cisco default. I know that is the management VLAN, so I would like to move the ports to a new VLAN, let’s say VLAN 10. The ASA-5505 inside interface is also assigned to VLAN 1. If I change all of the ports on the SG200 to VLAN 10, will that cause an issue since the ASA-5505 inside interface is set to VLAN 1 (access mode)?

Hi Lance,

You will be fine as long as you don’t use trunking between the ASA and SG200. By default, the ASA sends untagged frames so it doesn’t matter that you use VLAN1.

If you would use trunking then you’ll end up with a VLAN mismatch. As long as both devices don’t add a VLAN tag, it will work.